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Do you have problem with the game? Here is all the answers!

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Do you have problem with the game? Here is all the answers! Empty Do you have problem with the game? Here is all the answers!

Post  [Owner]Ryan Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:48 pm

Many people talk with me about their problems, but they ask the same questions.
Here is the solutions:
1. ID already logged in- go there: , register (make sure that your Username there IS THE SAME AS IN SplendorMS server) go the control panel, character fixes, ID already logged in, and tick of "FIX" and that's it YOU ARE FREE.
2. When you click on SplendorMS.exe it doesn't log in- try to redownload SplendorMS client.
If you get error like: "error code:(5432564325)" or something like this you may have problem with your Maplestory V62 folder. You should re-install it.
If it still doesn't work, make sure you are logged in one of our networks and not the FAKE ONE!.
If nothing of my solutions work, SO THE SERVER IS 95% OFFLINE......
3. When I click on my character it keeps walking/ DC me- try to log in the game through another channel.
If it doesn't work, restart your compter; that is the best idea!
And if you still have the problem, you should wait untill I restart the server.
And if I don't answer, try to redownload the game client.
4. I got banned for summoning sacks- leave massage in the hamachi chat.
write in the massage-
Character name:
and I will unban you when I will see it!
That's it.....
Have Fun In GloryMS AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE~~~~~~


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